Things You Need To Know About Dental Lumineers

Jan 7, 2022 | Dental Lumineers

This alternate cosmetic dentistry treatment is evolving that permits modifications making your smile more beautiful without causing any discomfort. The main reason they are famous is that they need little-to-no prep time. Lumineers are just like traditional porcelain veneers but much thinner & which is why they need less preparation work & time.

What Are Lumineers?

Lumineers are becoming a more popular choice & widespread due to the fact they need less prep time, are ultra-thin, can straighten and whiten your smile. They need only little to no restoration of your permanent tooth. Made of Cerinate ceramic, & it is a material thinner than standard porcelain veneers. Lumineers get connected to the front of your permanent teeth in just two visits to our dental office in Tulsa.

Problems That Lumineers Can Fix

Cerinate Lumineers are universal. They can fix considerable problems at one time. That means you make one long-term investment in your teeth. A smile makeover can concern several cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments. It’s worth considering one all-enclosing correction instead. You can save yourself time and payment with no-prep Lumineers.

If you are dealing with any of the subsequent complaints, Lumineers might work for you:

  • Stains
  • Chips
  • Gaps
  • Broken teeth
  • Crowding
  • Crooked teeth
  • Misalignment
  • Short teeth
  • Oddly shaped teeth

What Does Getting Lumineers Involve?

The whole process of getting installed a dental Lumineers typically involves three visits to the dentist.

  1. First visit: On your very first appointment with our dentist, you discuss purpose and options. Dentists require an X-ray of your teeth with mages of your teeth.
  2. Second visit: On your second visit to our dental office, we will prepare your teeth for the process by eliminating the proper amount of enamel. Our dentist in Tulsa will then create an impression of your filed down teeth which is sent to the laboratory where your Lumineers are getting made.
  3. Third visit: Your dentist will permanently install your Lumineers on your third visit after making sure that everything works perfectly.

That is how easy getting dental Lumineers can be. No need to go about feeling embarrassed of the way your teeth look. Talk to your dentist in our dental office in Tulsa about getting dental Lumineers today and find out what your choices are.

Can Lumineers Be Removed?

Yes. If you want to remove your Lumineers, you can show your natural teeth again. Because there is no grinding of the permanent teeth to apply Lumineers, we can remove them without affecting your original smile≥.

How long Do Lumineers Last?

Your Lumineers offer a five-year warranty when they are maintained and preserved. Brush them with soft bristles twice a day, only 2-3 minutes. Their clinical trials demonstrate that Lumineers can last up to 20 years.

Should You Get Lumineers Or Veneers?

People often ask us the difference between Lumineers & veneers and which is better?. Your cosmetic dentist in Tulsa can assist you in deciding whether Lumineers are a more suitable choice for you or not. Factors that can affect making the right decision include your overall oral health, budget, and long-term objectives.

Contact us if you need Lumineers or want to know more about them. We are just one phone call away from serving you in your oral health need. Our dental office is in Tulsa. Feel free to get in touch with us.