Transform Your Smile With Lumineers

Feb 14, 2013 | Dental

If you desire to transform your smile, it doesn’t mean you’ll need to invest in invasive cosmetic procedures. Even the most conservative treatments can make your smile say “wow!”

Lumineers subtlety changes your smile, without reducing your tooth enamel! Dr. Hinkle is a firm believer of conservative measures that improve the balance and appeal of teeth. You may be amazed at how quickly he can touch up your smile!

Whether you desire veneers or crowns, you can count on Dr. Hinkle–he only uses 100% porcelain Lumineers. The benefits of using ceramic porcelain is its ability to blend naturally with your smile, but can cover the areas of your teeth that make you hesitate to smile.

What makes Dr. Hinkle the number one provider of Lumineers in Tulsa? He has performed more Lumineers makeovers than any other dentist in Tulsa. His commitment to perfection is recognized in the community where he was voted “Best of the Best” by Oklahoma Magazine in 2011 and 2012, and was voted “Best Dentist” by Tulsa People in 2009.

Lumineers have reached a nationally acclaimed status as being the go-to cosmetic enhancement on “Extreme Makeover.” Plus, their durable material allows you to eat and drink whatever you please. As long you maintain great oral hygiene, your Lumineers can last up to a lifetime.

Lumineers have been around for more than 20 years, and Dr. Hinkle has the experience and technical eye necessary to help craft a beautiful smile. Give us a call today, for your personal consultation with Dr. Hinkle!