Dental Implants

“Dr. Matthew knew I had an urgent situation, and got my work done fast. He was very gentle and concerning about my problems. Would go back to him in a second. His staff is so knowledgeable, as he is. Plus very friendly atmosphere without the fear.”
Howard C.

The strongest, longest-lasting, and most natural tooth restoration solution –

Why Would You Need Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a critical part of building and restoring the mouth to ideal health and function. You may want to consider dental implants in Tulsa if:

You are missing teeth due to a previous injury or severe decay.
Your dentures are not fitting well anymore, keeping you from eating and speaking with confidence.
Aging dental treatments are failing, causing gaps in your teeth, tooth decay, or gum problems.
You have pain on one side of your mouth when chewing, which is wearing down your teeth.

Dr. Matthew Walker and Dr. Brian Gosnell understands the pain and self-consciousness of a less than perfect smile from personal experience. It’s the reason they became a cosmetic dentist in Tulsa with a passion for helping others achieve their smile potentials.

With modern techniques, dental implants can restore your smile’s beauty and function.

Utica Dental Dental Implants Services

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Tulsa, OK

About 120 million people in the U.S. are missing at least one tooth.
Dental implants are a reliable, efficient solution –

Why are Dental Implants in Tulsa so Popular?


Instant Results

In only one appointment, you can leave our office with a smile up to eight shades whiter! It’s the perfect treatment before a big event or addition to your other dental work.


Denture Stabilization

Implants can be used to hold dentures in place without the use of adhesives. No more sliding or painful sores from a bad fit!



Many dental insurance companies will cover a portion of the implant procedure and following a crown procedure, making it a wise, long-term investment.



With up to 98% success rates, dental implants can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.


Renewed Confidence

Constant compliments on your smile contribute to a blossoming personality, personal success, and professional accomplishments.

How Dr. Matthew Walker and Dr. Brian Gosnell Addresses Your Concerns about Dental Implants

Don’t let anything keep you from a healthy, youthful-looking smile!

One of Dr. Matthew Walker and Dr. Brian Gosnell’s greatest thrills in dentistry is watching how a beautiful new smile can light up a patient when he or she first sees it. Hearing how many times their patients have looked into the mirror just to see how great their mouths look keeps him inspired. They are always looking for new ways to overcome common concerns.

"Other dentists have told me I don't qualify for dental implants."

Our implant system is designed for the patient who may have postponed the replacement of a lost tooth and had some bone loss or significant bone loss or shrinkage. Our system takes that into account and provides a stable foundation for your upcoming crown.

"I'm a slow healer and I'm concerned my dental implants won't last."

Dr. Matthew Walker offers the option of “laser therapy” to not only prolong the life expectancy of your implants but also to accelerate healing and reduce post-operative discomfort.

"I'm worried my new crown or bridge will look unnatural."

Each implant will require either a crown or a bridge cemented on to allow for biting and chewing comfortably. Our crowns and bridges are unbelievably beautiful and are designed to enhance your natural smile.

"I've neglected my teeth and now need significant dental work."

We can restore the entire mouth with matching porcelain veneers (Lumineers) that are a perfect match to your new implants. By providing “ONE-STOP SERVICE IN ONE LOCATION WITH ONLY ONE BILL,” you can control your expenses and stop running all over town to see multiple dentists referring you on and on and on. That is NOT our way of doing comprehensive care.

Why Choose Dr. Matthew Walker and Dr. Brian Gosnell for Your Dental Implants in Tulsa?

He's the Best Dentist in Tulsa.

Every year Tulsan’s vote on who is the “BEST OF THE BEST” for dentistry in more than one local magazine. We are so pleased to announce we have won that distinct honor since 2010! Those are votes by your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and relatives who take the time to cast their votes for outstanding dental care year after year.

We have a state-of-the-art facility.

Our Tulsa dental office has been designed with your ultimate comfort and total convenience in mind. Our staff is comforting, understanding, and helpful in finding the solution to your unique situation to save your teeth and restore your smile.
Listen to Juanita talk about her dental implant procedure with Dr. Matthew Walker and Dr. Brian Gosnell

Have Questions About Dental Implants?

Your restorative dentist in Tulsa has the answers you should know.

How much do dental implants cost?

Cost is only one factor that needs to be considered when investigating your options for missing teeth. Dental implants are a useful long-term option for restoring the proper function to mouths when teeth are missing, and function is compromised.

Utica Dental offers long-term financing options to help with the budgetary concerns. Dental treatment can be bundled into groups to minimize the amount of time you need to take off of your work schedule. A treatment plan can be generated by Dr. Matthew Walker to meet your schedule and budget until you have a full set of functioning beautiful teeth again.

Will the dental implant procedure hurt?

Although it may seem like an extensive procedure, dental implant placement is similar to tooth extraction. If you are anxious, we can prescribe a relaxant that takes the edge off of receiving dental care. Just sharing your dental concerns and fears will heighten our concentrated efforts to keep you comfortable.

What should I expect?

Placing dental implants in our office is only about an hour long appointment. There is usually a prescription for pain medication given, but often, it is not required. Dr. Matthew Walker always calls the evening afterward to make sure you are comfortable and ready for a good night rest. Remember that Dr. Matthew Walker has vast experience in achieving a profound level of anesthesia and keeping that numbness long enough for you to get home, eat, and get some rest.

Could there be complications?

Implants and all dental procedures do have the remote chance of complications. Sometimes your healing is compromised by medications you are required to take for other conditions. Smoking is very detrimental to bone healing and especially in the mouth of a smoker, can we see more complications. Please consult your physician to see that your bleeding is normal and there are no contra-indications to our proposed implants.

How can I maintain my dental implants

We highly recommend Waterpik home therapy to keep all your teeth and gums in tip-top condition and regular hygiene visits to Dr. Matthew Walker and Dr. Brian Gosnell every six months.

How can Dr. Matthew Walker and Dr. Brian Gosnell fix my dentures?

Dr. Matthew Walker and Dr. Brian Gosnell offers denture stabilization with mini implants of a smaller diameter. Implant-supported dentures are incredibly comfortable and allow the denture patient to eat with confidence knowing that their teeth are “locked into place.”

Why should I be concerned about only chewing on one side of my mouth?

Chewing should be a balanced function and needs to be comfortable and equally effective on both sides of the mouth. Sometimes implants are the only way to establish this balanced function.

See Dr. Matthew Walker and Dr. Brian Gosnell’s Dental Implant Success

Start Loving Your Smile Again with Dental Implants at Utica Dental, in Tulsa, OK.

With our state-of-the-art dentistry at an affordable cost, you’ll wonder why you waited so long!