Dental Emergencies

“My children have been patients of John and Matt for about 13 years. So, when I was ready to accept at 35 I would be getting dentures, Dr. Matt was who I wanted to see. I went in having accepted losing my teeth to Dr. Matt saying he could save mine. Yep! No dentures for me! My bottom teeth were really bad and he was upfront that he thought he could save them, but I might lose the front four. Tiffany worked wonders with my insurance, and I had to pay very little compared to what dentures would have cost me out-of-pocket. That was about two months ago, and I have a great smile and all of my teeth! Even the four bottom that were the worst! Dr. Matt was wonderful as always, and his staff is just fabulous I can’t thank them enough for giving me back my smile.”
Naomi D.

We Feel Your Discomfort!

The pain from a toothache can be some of the worst to endure. We are here to make that pain go away, not add to it.

We know many people cringe at the idea of a root canal or an extraction, but when performed properly by a leading Tulsa Dentist, this procedure is actually easy and painless!

Our number one goal is your comfort – before, during and after your procedure. If you are experiencing pain and root canal therapy is indicated, we will do everything possible to schedule your needed procedure within 24 hours.

Utical Dental Dental Emergencies Services
That’s what our Emergency Dentistry experts in Tulsa feel you deserve.

At Utica Dental You Can Expect Only the Best

Best Materials – We use only mercury-free restorations.

Best Training – We use the latest in materials and dental techniques.

Best Results – Rivaling the best specialists in the area.

Best Price – We offer a better price point.

Best Service – We can add your crown at the same appointment in about an hour.

We Can Stop the Discomfort – TODAY!

Our highly trained team will make your visit comfortable, fast, and easy.