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“I have been going to Dr. Matthew for several years now. I needed a lot of work done on my teeth when I first started. I was always nervous and anxious when I would go to a dentist. But the staff at this office, him and his brother both, are all amazing. I’m glad to finally be able to say after a few years he is completely done with my teeth. And for the first time ever I had to have stitches yesterday. He assured me it would be very minimal pain getting this wisdom tooth out and it was. Today I’m having very little pain. I appreciate his patience with me. Thank you all so much!”
Tammy T.

Dr. Matthew Walker and Dr. Brian Gosnellwants to keep his patients smiling for a lifetime through top-quality general dentistry.

Tulsa dentist, Dr. Matthew Walker and Dr. Brian Gosnell, are aware of the importance of prevention in dentistry. They are committed to helping you and your family have healthy smiles for life.

Your oral health is directly connected to your body’s health. Your dentist may be the first line of defense against common health issues that can have a mouth connection, such as:

The key to your optimal health could be as simple as maintaining a good oral hygiene routine and visiting Dr. Matthew Walker and Dr. Brian Gosnell regularly. Start today and enjoy a healthy smile tomorrow!

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Dental Hygiene & Cleanings

Our hygiene visits are very unique. For new patients, our Tulsa dental office offers a LumiSmile consultation at no charge. For existing patients, Dr. Matthew Walker, Dr. Brian Gosnell and our team begin every hygiene appointment with a thorough analysis of your smile. This includes a complete VELscope oral cancer screening and digital x-rays.

Scaling & Root Planing

To remove the layer of hard tartar and calculus bacteria from below the gum line, scaling and root planing is required. During the process, Dr. Matthew Walker and Dr. Brian Gosnell goes deep below the gum line with high-tech scaling instruments to remove bacterial growth around the tooth.

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Mercury Free Dentistry

All silver-colored fillings or dental amalgams are comprised of approximately 50% mercury (source). Dr. Matthew Walker and Dr. Brian Gosnell understands the harmful effects of dental mercury fillings to patient health and the environment.

As mercury-free dentists, they limit and prevent mercury exposure by safely removing existing silver fillings and replacing them with non-mercury alternatives.

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