Root Canal Therapy

“I needed a root canal and was offered same-day treatment, but because of my work schedule I had to wait for a week. My procedure took 90 minutes from start to finish and I didn’t feel a thing!”

We Feel Your Discomfort!

The pain from a toothache can be some of the worst to endure. We are here to make that pain go away, not add to it.

We know many people cringe at the idea of a root canal, but when performed properly, this procedure is actually easy and painless!

Our number one goal is your comfort – before, during, and after your procedure. If you are experiencing pain and root canal therapy is indicated, we will do everything possible to schedule your needed procedure within 24 hours.

Utica Dental Root Canal Therapy
That’s what our root canal experts in Tulsa feel you deserve.

You Can Expect Only the Best at Utical Dental

Best Materials – We use only mercury-free restorations.

Best Training – We use the latest in materials and dental techniques.

Best Results – Rivaling the best specialists in the area.

Best Price – We offer a better price point.

Best Service – We can add your crown at the same appointment in about an hour.

We are Here to Answer Your Questions!

Quick answers about root canals.

What is a root canal?

The procedure called “root canal” refers to the removal of nerves, blood vessels, infected debris, and decay from the center of the tooth called a pulp chamber. Once the inside is meticulously cleaned out, we sterilize the chamber with strong disinfectants, and then cement a plastic cone shaped filling material called gutta percha.

Why does the tooth need any further treatment?

The plastic filling is healthy but not strong; hence a post must be cemented just like cement in your driveway needs rebar to structurally increase the strength and prolong the lifetime of the tooth and build-up material.

Why do I need a crown?

The root canal and post/build-up filling are now healthy, but not strong enough to last for years. Only a crown can preserve your investment and last for years, even decades, if you take care of your gums.

Can I postpone some of the expense?

Yes, but it is risky. Occasionally, the crown is postponed for a few weeks safely. But if put off any longer, there is a huge risk that the root will become brittle and fracture, resulting in an extraction.

Why not just extract the tooth?

Extractions seem like the quick and easy solution to a toothache. However, the ultimate cost of extraction is many times more expensive than saving the original tooth. Implants are a solution but multiply the cost usually.

I already have a crown. Why do I need to replace it?

When a crown has already been placed and a root canal is indicated, the reason for it is because of an infection. A root canal can be performed, but the decay that’s causing the infection cannot be removed without removing the old crown and removing the decay. After inspection to ensure all the decay is gone and the tooth restored to a healthy condition, we can safely cover it with a crown to save the tooth.

Does a root canal hurt?

Many dentists have a difficult time getting their patients numb. It is unfortunate, but not uncommon. In our office we use long-lasting anesthetic which will ensure you are numb both during and after the procedure, so you have time to fill your prescription for antibiotics and pain pills.

Most of our patients are shocked at the amount of relief they receive from having the root canal performed that day.

What is the follow-up on a root canal?

Dr. Hinkle calls all his patients the evening afterward at home to ensure they are comfortable and resting. That gives you a chance to ask the questions you may have forgotten to ask earlier.

How much does it cost?

Our staff can give you a general idea of costs, but an intraoral exam and x-ray will be required to quote an exact fee. Our staff can work with your insurance and we also have zero interest financing available for qualified patients through CareCredit.

Is it really worth the hassle to save my teeth?

Ask someone wearing dentures how much they would give to have their own teeth and a healthy smile. A million-dollar smile never costs as much as it appears!

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