LANAP/Laser Periodontal Therapy

“[Utica Dental] saved my smile! I suffered a lifetime with gum disease. Even though my previous dentist turned his back on my needs, Dr. Walker said he could help! He has been performing LANAP, a laser gum treatment procedure over a decade and said I did have hope. I just returned for my year + follow up and can so thankfully say my mouth hasn’t been healthier in all of my adult life!”
Buzzy M.

After being diagnosed with gum/periodontal disease, there are many questions to be answered. This condition can often go undetected, as it doesn’t always manifest with pain. Instead, you may notice a bad taste or stubborn odor in your mouth. While there are many contributing factors to this condition, one thing we are certain of is the importance of early intervention. Periodontal disease that has been left untreated can cause serious systemic issues and dental emergencies, such as tooth or bone loss. Luckily, laser periodontal therapy can help you regain your oral function and your confidence. This is one of the many dental services our dental team at Utica Dental, in Tulsa, OK offers to guide you to a healthier smile.
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Laser periodontal therapy at Utica Dental, in Tulsa, OK is a minimally invasive and highly targeted treatment that only removes and kills bacteria in your mouth, so you can keep your healthy tissue in place.

Not only is it beneficial and simple for our patients, laser periodontal therapy also minimizes the amount of bleeding, shortens healing time, and reduces the risk of bacterial infection. The treatment has minimal post-treatment discomfort as compared to traditional blade gum surgery. Talk about a win-win!


Regular periodontal maintenance appointments will be necessary to keep periodontal disease from advancing. Our primary goal is to heal the tissue and prevent the destruction from reoccurring. This is a chronic condition that needs to be monitored. We will develop a maintenance plan for you to keep your periodontal disease at bay.

Contact us if you’re ready to properly deal with your periodontal disease. Our team at Utica Dental, in Tulsa, OK in Tulsa will help you set up an appointment and determine if laser periodontal therapy is the best treatment option for you. After receiving laser therapy, you will leave our office confidently smiling, feeling happier and healthier.

Some of the key benefits to LANAP® includes:

Shorter recovery period – Laser gum disease treatment is minimally invasive, which means there is little to no damage done to healthy tissue. This makes the healing process much quicker.
Less pain and discomfort – There is no cutting or stitching of the tissue involved with laser gum disease treatment, making it a less painful procedure. There is rarely a need for pain medication afterward.
Less downtime – Because there is little pain involved, patients can usually continue with their daily routine after the surgery has been performed.
Very little recession of the gum line – Because no healthy tissue is removed from the gums, the gum line does not recede very much.
Less bleeding – Laser gum disease treatment specifically targets bacteria while leaving healthy tissue intact. This reduces inflammation and the amount of bleeding.
Low risk of infection – All of the wounds become cauterized during the procedure, reducing the amount of healing time and lowering the risk of infection.
Stimulation of bone and tissue – Laser gum disease treatment is proven to help promote bone and tissue regeneration around teeth while preserving overall gum health. Teeth can often be saved that would have needed removal otherwise.
No risk of complications – Laser gum disease treatment does not interfere with other conditions or medications.
If saving your teeth and reducing the depth of your periodontal pockets is important to you, then LANAP® may be a solution for you. Contact our office today to learn more!

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