Meet Some of Our Most Inspiring Patients – The Thomsons

Nov 13, 2015 | News

We think all of our patients are special. Each one brings a different smile, story and personality on their visits with our team. But, every once in a while we have the opportunity to share in treating someone whose story truly touches our hearts and our lives. Nick and Danielle Thomson are two such people.

Meet the Thomsons

The Thomsons are serving as overseas missionaries for Avant Ministries. Since 1892 Avant Ministries has been training, sending, and serving missionaries in over 30 countries globally.

Nick and Danielle were on their annual visit home from their missionary assignment in South Africa when we had the privilege of meeting them for the first time and treating them here in our Tulsa dental office. Their stories about their care for abandoned babies left in the church baby safe were truly inspiring and moving.

Meeting New Challenges

Recently, Nick, Danielle and their sweet little boy Logan moved to Croatia and are working hard to help the Croatians and the flood of Syrian refugees that recently entered the country. Their continued example of true neighbor love and self-sacrifice inspire us every day!

We look forward to seeing the Thomsons again on their next visit home and hearing about all the wonderful work they are accomplishing. If you would like to help the Thomson’s in their ministry or to support the work of Avant Ministries you can visit this link for instructions on what and how you can give.