Pros & Cons of Root Canal Therapy

Feb 7, 2022 | Root Canal Therapy

Pros & Cons of Root Canal Therapy

If your tooth’s pulp is unclean or infected, your dentist might recommend root canal therapy in Tulsa, OK. Before planning your appointment, you must learn the pros and cons of root canals therapy. After you comprehend the advantages and disadvantages, you can make a firm decision. Then you will be prepared to schedule the therapy.

Benefits & Drawbacks Of Root Canal Therapy

When you have a badly damaged or infected tooth, it is necessary to take a measure. Many select between root canal treatment and tooth extraction. It is more comfortable to select between the two by looking at the benefits and drawbacks of root canal therapy. After considering the pros and cons, you can make a decision.

Pro – Keep The Natural Tooth

There are several benefits of root canal therapy & one of them is root canal treatment lets you keep a true-to-life tooth. Dentists remove the infected or inflamed pulp tissue, wash out the root canal and substitute it with a filling material. You do not have to worry about bone loss if you maintain your natural tooth. The tooth’s root will resume producing the bone so that you can own a natural smile.

Con – Therapy Can Weaken The Tooth

A tooth can become more vulnerable after a root canal. Dentists must dig through the tooth to reach the pulp, and further decay might require to be removed. If the tooth is too fragile to function, the dentist will add a crown to it. It will support the tooth and let you use it as your natural tooth.

Pro– Prevent Toothaches

When the pulp is infected or inflamed, it is slightly painful. Toothaches make it hard to work. Many people go through a difficult time even going to work or enjoying a]watching a TV show. A root canal therapy cleans out the infection or inflamed pulp, and the site is treated with antibiotics if required. Once the infection is gone, the toothache also disappears.

Con – Multiple Appointments 

In some cases, you only need to go once to your dentist in Tulsa to get root canal therapy. However, you can expect up to three appointments in some complex cases where the disease or damage is extreme. Also, in a few cases, sometimes the procedure can take two to three visits to get root canals on upper first molars. Upper first molars have three to five root canals, and each one has to be treated. It can take longer than usual to conclude.

Pro – Prevent Gaps In The Mouth

Patients who prefer tooth extractions over root canals have to be concerned about space in the mouth. Teeth shift to fill in the gaps. It can lead to alignment problems in the mouth and make eating hard. With root canal therapy in Tulsa, OK, teeth stay in place & alignment issues are not a problem.

Root Canal Therapy In Tulsa, OK

If you are facing any issue regarding your dental health or a root canal, do not forget to inform us right away. Contact us at our dental office in Tulsa, Ok, we have experienced dentists in root canal therapy to treat you & provide you with the best possible treatment to make your smile attractive & healthy.