Professional Tips For New Invisalign Users

Feb 18, 2022 | Invisalign

7 Tips for New Invisalign Users

1. Wear Your Aligners

You’re expending time, effort, and money to straighten your teeth. You must choose a more suitable path of investing in Invisalign clear aligners. Now, you have to wear them. It could seem clear, but it’s more effortless to ignore this step than you may think. You should wear your aligner trays for 22 hours per day, taking them out only to eat, drink and wash them.

2. Change Trays on Time

Every two weeks or so, you’ll begin wearing new aligner trays. The new trays allow your teeth to straighten a little more than the last ones. By the moment you’re wearing your last trays, you’ll get a completely new smile than when you began. To get this, you’ll have to change your trays on time.

3. Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Wearing aligners boosts your chances of allowing harmful bacteria to form in your mouth. It may sound scary, but there’s an effortless way to fight this — keep practicing your routine dental hygiene habits. Your current habits will go a long way in maintaining your mouth healthy and clean. You can even take it a step further with continued commitment. Brushing and flossing your teeth after every meal or snack is necessary to keep your mouth clean. It leads to cleaner aligners and less harmful bacteria. 

4. Avoid Toothpaste & Mouthwash to Clean Aligners

Toothpaste and mouthwash are items in people’s bathrooms. These products are excellent for cleaning teeth, but you must avoid them for cleaning your clear aligners. Toothpaste has small abrasive particles that can scratch thermoplastic. Your toothbrush bristles will make these scratches more harmful. It could transform your clear aligners from invisible to cloudy that anyone notices. You must also avoid soaking your clear aligners in mouthwash. Mouthwash has dyes and colors that can stain your clear aligners. It will transform your Invisalign aligners from clear to a colored aligner. That’s the very opposite result you’re looking for when you select clear aligners to straighten your teeth. 

5. Remove Your Aligners Before Eating & Drinking

Eating and drinking while wearing Invisalign would be an awkward affair. Still, it’s better to remember to take your aligners out before eating or drinking. Eating with your Invisalign is a bacterial formation waiting to occur. It will lead to bad breath and food entrapped in your aligners. 

6. Protect Aligners When Not in Use

We’ve noted a few examples where it’s a good idea to take your aligner trays out. After all, one of the reasons you chose Invisalign aligners in Tulsa, OK, is in the comfort of removing them out of your mouth. But you’ll have to be cautious. You’ll know soon that it’s easy to lose your trays once they are out of your mouth.

7. Wear Your Retainer When You Complete Therapy

When you’ve finished your Invisalign aligner treatment, you’ll require retainers to retain your teeth in place. Otherwise, your teeth will shift back to their earlier positions. Make sure you keep the result of all your hard work, money, and commitment by wearing your retainers as long as you can. You must wear them for the rest of your life. 

Invisalign In Tulsa, OK

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