Learn the Health Benefits of Invisalign

Mar 5, 2013 | Dental

Invisalign has changed many lives because of its ability to comfortably straighten teeth while doing it invisibly. In our last blog, we talked about how Invisalign overcomes four challenges of traditional braces to make your treatment smooth and discomfort-free. In this blog post, we are going to hone in how Invisalign can significantly benefit your oral and overall health.

Going beyond a straight, beautiful smile – According to the American Dental Association, having straight teeth can affect your overall dental health. Having crowded or too widely spaced teeth can result in bad oral hygiene habits, worn down teeth, and potential bone loss, resulting to periodontal disease. With Invisalign, our clear aligners gently guide your teeth to its appropriate position, allowing your gums to fit more securely around the teeth.

Easy cleaning – When it comes to braces, it’s difficult to remove all the food debris that gets trapped in the brackets and wires. In turn, plaque starts to build up, eventually turning into tooth decay. In comes Invisalign where you can remove the aligners whenever you desire, allowing you to properly brush and floss.

Great dental health, healthy body – Studies have linked a connection between the mouth and the body. Your oral health is the window to your body’s well-being. If periodontal disease and tooth decay are left untreated, it can result into more serious ailments including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and much more. Thanks to Invisalign, maintaining your oral health is easier, reducing the risk of more serious oral diseases.

Investing Invisalign in Tulsa is well worth your time. Not only will you gain aesthetic-pleasing results, but you will maintain excellent oral health preventing future complex procedures. Dr. Hinkle is a Preferred Provider for Invisalign, and our patients adore their straight, beautiful smiles!

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