How To Keep Your Invisalign Clean? Tips, Practice & More

Sep 28, 2022 | Invisalign

Do you want to achieve straight teeth while maintaining optimal oral health? If yes, the following is a complete guide to help you maintain your aligners. Our dentist explains the best ways to clean your Invisalign trays, how often you need to clean your Invisalign trays, and more. 

What Is The Best Way To Clean Your Aligners?

If you are wondering how to clean your Invisalign trays, you can clean your aligners with a soft-bristled toothbrush and lukewarm water. You can also use gentle clear liquid soap or Invisalign cleaning crystals that will remove debris, stains, or food particles accumulated during the day. Make sure you rinse them thoroughly after brushing and store them in a protective case whenever you aren’t using them. You can also visit a good dentist who will help you through the process of Invisalign

What Are The Best Practices For Cleaning Your Invisalign Trays?

The following are some of the best practices to clean your aligners. 

  • Invisalign sells cleaning crystals that are used to get rid of odors, bacteria, and stains from your trays. You can soak your aligners in them according to the instructions. Once you finish soaking your aligners, brush and rinse them thoroughly before placing them back on your teeth. 
  • Make sure you brush your teeth twice a day, i.e., every morning and evening to prevent plaque and bacteria build-up.
  • Whenever you are not using your aligners make sure to store them in the case. Since they are transparent, there’s a high possibility you might lose them. It can also get damaged or develop bacteria. 

How Often Should You Clean Invisalign?

If you are wondering how often you need to clean Invisalign trays, well, you should clean your Invisalign trays every night to make sure there are no food particles, debris, or bacteria stuck in your teeth. You should also clean or remove your aligners when you drink something other than water to avoid staining. It is essential to clean your aligners every day to avoid lengthening the treatment. 

You can also clean your aligners when they are visibly dirty or if you wear them quickly after eating. You should also rinse your aligners every time you take them off. Even though you will receive new aligners every two weeks, it is important to clean them every day, to avoid bad breath, yellow teeth, or bacteria build-up. 

What Cleansers Should You Use To Clean Invisalign?

There are different cleaners available to clean your aligners. However, the best way to clean your aligners is to use a cleaner designed for Invisalign. You can also opt for a gentle clear liquid soap. 

  • Avoid toothpaste to clean your aligners, as it can damage them. 
  • Make sure you use a soft-bristled brush and a gentle cleanser as if they get scratched or discolored, they become more visible when you wear them.  
  • You can also use lukewarm water and liquid soap to soak your aligners for 20 to 30 minutes and rinse them after soaking. 
  • You can also use vinegar and water to soak your aligners for 20 minutes. 
  • Baking soda and water is another option to clean your aligners. Soak your trays for 60 minutes. 
  • Sterialigner is a cleanser that comes with Invisalign trays. It contains rubbing alcohol and sodium bicarbonate. You can soak your aligners in the solution for three minutes and rinse them off with lukewarm water.

Which Cleansers Should You Avoid While Cleaning Invisalign?

Some cleansers can be too harsh or damaging to use on your Invisalign aligners. For instance, denture cleaners, mouthwash that contain alcohol, scented soaps that taste bitter, and toothpaste. You should also avoid soaps that have dyes passed in them, as they can stain your aligners. 

How To Take Care Of Your Invisalign Aligners?

Following are some of the best ways to take care of your aligners and keep them clean and bacteria-free. 

  • Make sure to take out your aligners while eating, or the food particles can build up in the aligners and damage the aligners, and they may no longer be effective, which will lengthen the duration of your treatment. 
  • Avoid anything other than water while wearing your aligners to avoid staining or damage.
  • Avoid using very hot water to clean the trays.
  • Make sure to store your aligners in an airtight container every time you aren’t using them. This will protect them from bacteria.
  • Never smoke while wearing your aligners, as it will stain your teeth and cause tooth decay.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for the best way to clean your aligners, you can visit the best dentist in Tulsa, OK. You can also find out answers to your concerns, such as how often you should clean your Invisalign trays or how to clean your Invisalign trays, etc. All you have to do is visit an orthodontic office near you and get all the information you need.