How Does Invisalign Work? (Spoiler Alert: It’s Awesome!)

Jun 13, 2016 | Dental

Actual Invisalign patient of Dr. Mike Hinkle.


Has this question passed through your mind: “How does Invisalign work, and can it straighten my hopeless smile?” That’s a resounding “YES!”

Invisalign has the incredible power to straighten even the most unsightly smiles (we’ve seen it ourselves!). In our last article, we discussed the how easy it is to get Invisalign, but how does it work? Let us tell you how it makes your life easy.


It starts with clear, discreet aligners

With traditional braces, you would have unsightly metal brackets to show off to the world (yuck!). Not with Invisalign!

Invisalign works with a series of transparent plastic aligners perfectly fit for your teeth and they gently shift the position of each tooth to its desired position. The results are gradual yet highly noticeable as your smile straightens throughout your day without anyone noticing!


You can remove your aligners

The common fear with traditional braces is you have to change your eating, brushing, and flossing habits. Not with Invisalign!

It has minimal impact on your everyday life because the aligners are removable – they aren’t glued onto your teeth! When it’s dinner time or bedtime, just pop out the aligners and eat and brush regularly. It’s that easy!


Over 3 million people in the world have made Invisalign their “crystal clear choice.” *SOURCE


It’ll end fast (even faster!)

Thanks to the technology of clear aligners, it’s much faster to reach your straight smile compared to traditional braces.

We even have the technology to straighten your smile even FASTER! With Propel, it’s possible to cut your treatment in half, averaging 3-10 months.


It’s not a bunch of hype

Not quite sure about Invisalign? For you, Dr. Mike Hinkle, a Premiere Invisalign Provider in Tulsa, OK has put together a commitment-free eBook highlighting the right questions to ask when considering whether or not to commit to Invisalign cosmetic dental treatment.


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