How Dentist in Tulsa Fixes Teeth You Hate

Oct 3, 2012 | Dental

Your smile should inspire smiles! Our cosmetic dentist in Tulsa knows firsthand what patients are looking for when they ask for a smile they can feel proud to display.

Dr. Hinkle relates in his own words why he’s become so passionate about providing premium dentistry: “As a child, I had an accident and broke off my front two teeth. I wore stainless steel crowns for many years. I hated my smile. Then, an innovative dentist made me my first set of white crowns and my whole life changed.”

Yes, is it possible to have altered the shape, size and color of your teeth – by what means?

  • Veneers–Super-thin porcelain shells can eliminate undesired gaps, chips, lack of uniformity, and discolorations that have remained unresponsive to whitening procedures. Remember the popular TV reality series Extreme Makeover? You could find yourself at the receiving end of an equally exciting final reveal!
  • Crowns–If there’s too much decay or fracture within a tooth structure, or the patient is a chronic teeth grinder, veneers that only partially cover a tooth simply won’t last. Dental crowns go further by providing extra strength and protection to the whole tooth. Fortunately, with all Lumineers like these, the sheen, shape and color can still be beautifully modified for a most extraordinary yet natural smile.

Whatever your smile flaws, check out our website and discover how Dr. Hinkle is the dentist in Tulsa both able and qualified to help!