Emergency Dentistry Mistakes Patients Should Avoid

Jul 28, 2022 | Emergency Dental Care

A dental emergency can be painful and disturbing. You might not know what to do in an emergency which can cause further problems to your already damaged teeth. In fact, ignoring or taking the wrong step might lead to permanent tooth loss. To ensure your tooth can be saved make sure to avoid certain mistakes. However, first one should know what constitutes a dental emergency.

What Is A Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency will include the following dental issues:

  • If you have a severe toothache, which may also include fever, swollen jaw or cheek, or a visible abscess.
  • If you have a chipped or broken tooth, it can cause major dental issues. If left untreated, it can have lasting consequences on your oral health.
  • If your crown, veneer, or bridge breaks or falls off, you should visit the dentist as soon as possible.
  • If you knocked out your tooth completely, you need to take quick action to save the tooth.

Common Mistakes To Avoid If You Have A Dental Emergency

There are a few common mistakes people make while facing a dental emergency

1. Ignoring A Dental Emergency

The biggest mistake one can make while facing a dental emergency is ignoring the dental emergency. Taking a pain killer instead of visiting a dentist can be a quick solution but can pose a threat to your oral health. Painkillers will only mask the symptoms of tooth pain but won’t address the underlying reason for the pain. The longer you avoid the emergency, the more it will spread and cause further damage to the tooth. You need to act fast and contact an emergency dentist in Tulsa, OK. If you suffer from dental anxiety, you can always talk to your dentist, instead of avoiding the situation.

2. Home Remedy

You can get different remedies to soothe your toothache, from herbal remedies to diet. However, it is not the right way to deal with a dental emergency. Using home remedies may shorten the pain, but the infection can spread and cause harm to the rest of your teeth. An effective way to deal with a toothache is to visit the dentist in Tulsa, OK.

3. Mishandling A Knocked Out Tooth

Knocked-out tooth or teeth is one of the most common dental emergency, and you can save your broken or knocked-out teeth if you handle the situation correctly. 

  • Pick the tooth from the biting part and do not touch the root. 
  • Clean the tooth with warm water. 
  • Place the tooth back in the socket or store the tooth in milk. Visit the nearest dentist as soon as possible. 

The emergency dentist in Tulsa, OK, will secure the tooth in place and save your tooth

Emergency Dentist In Tulsa, OK

If you are suffering from a broken, chipped, or knocked-out tooth, contact our emergency dentist in Tulsa, OK. At Utica Dental, we provide the best emergency dentistry by using the best materials like mercury-free restorations,.at the best price points, and using the latest techniques. We can also provide your dental crown in the same appointment in about an hour. Contact us to get dental relief today!