Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

Mar 18, 2014 | Dental

As individuals reach their 60s, 70s, and beyond, seniors may start to face new challenges in maintaining a healthy smile. Periodontal disease, along with wear and tear on teeth can start to take their toll on the smile. Furthermore, dental work performed in years past may once again require further attention. Our dentist in Tulsa Dr. Hinkle can help!

Seniors and Tooth Loss

The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research reveals that tooth loss is a common challenge that is faced by the majority of Americans aged 65 or older. In fact, it highlights:

  • Seniors 65+ years of age have an average of 18.90 teeth.
  • 27.27 percent of this same age group have no remaining teeth.
  • Seniors who currently smoke or smoked in the past experience a higher incidence rate of tooth loss than non-smokers.

Dental Implants by Dentist in Tulsa Dr. Hinkle

Losing one or more teeth is a fact of life, but this doesn’t have to hamper your oral health or smile-ability on a permanent basis. Dental implants provide the superior solution in addressing tooth loss.

  • Implants permit chewing food with the same confidence as with natural teeth.
  • They connect directly to the jawbone and don’t damage adjacent teeth.
  • They’re uniquely created to look like natural teeth in color and appearance.
  • They’re durable and never develop decay, cavities, or require a root canal.

The best news is that you are never too old to get Dental Implants

Practically anybody can qualify for a Dental Implant, especially if:

  • You are interested in a lower cost option
  • Wish to avoid full surgery
  • Want more stability for your denture
  • Have significant bone loss
  • Want predictable results
  • Want a fast treatment time

Make an appointment with expert dentist in Tulsa, Dr. Mike Hinkle to see firsthand what our modern options can do for your grin and quality of life regardless of your age.