Every Benefit Of Laser Periodontal Therapy You Need To Know

Feb 2, 2022 | Laser Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal Laser Gum therapy for dental treatments is a moderately new procedure used to treat periodontal disease or gum disease. This developed approach can help lessen treatment times and make the procedure more relaxing for patients!

Periodontal Laser Treatment

Periodontal laser therapy is utilized in conjunction with other treatments. During periodontal laser treatment, your periodontist will use state-of-the-art laser technology to remove the inflamed gum tissue covering the root of the tooth. The next stage of the treatment involves extracting the plaque and tartar formation from the gum line. The laser treatment removes the majority of diseased tissue, but there may yet be places that need to be smoothed out with another tool.

After laser dental treatment, an ultrasonic scaler extracts any remaining calculus and tartar from near the root surface. The laser then seals the injuries, supporting the body’s capacity to secure the space with a clot. A healing period after periodontal laser treatment provides your mouth time to recover so healthy gum tissue can develop and constrict around your teeth.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Periodontal Lasers To Treat Gum Diseases?

There are several benefits of laser gum treatment before and after the therapy.

  • Less Discomfort

We use laser treatment for oral periodontal disease, because our patients’ convenience is extremely important to us, and this therapy approach is significantly more relaxed than traditional treatments.

  • Faster Recovery Times

Surgical periodontal treatment can induce swelling and pain and needs 2 to 4 weeks of healing. Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure or LANAP only targets bacteria and diseased tissue. The surrounding beneficial areas are left intact, which dramatically decreases the recovery period to just a couple of days.

  • Fewer Diet Restrictions

Traditional periodontal treatment may need a gentle diet for a couple of weeks after the operation. When lasers for dental get used, the soft diet only requires to last for a couple of days, and most patients feel healthy sufficiently to continue eating right after therapy!

  • Laser Dental Treatment Is Safe For Everyone

LANAP/Laser periodontal treatment in Tulsa, OK, is secure for everyone, even for patients with diabetes, hemophilia, HIV, or those taking medicines.

  • Longer Lasting Results

No scalpels are needed, and surgical wounds get seriously minimized. After treating many clients, our Tulsa dentists have found that laser therapy for gums produces high-quality results.

How Much Does Laser Gum Treatment Cost?

LANAP therapy in the U.S. can cost between $2500 and $8500, relying on how much treatment is needed. If you have dental insurance, this will help with the price as well. We believe everyone should have a ticket to a high-quality periodontist! 

Affordable Laser Periodontal Therapy In Tulsa, Ok

Unlike conventional suture flap surgery, LANAP is quick, usually needing just one to two sessions, each lasting 2 to 3 hours, and patients can usually return to their normal daily activities directly following the procedure.

If you need gum disease treatment and would like to learn more about LANAP Laser Periodontal Therapy, contact us today to book an appointment at our dental office in Tulsa, OK.