All-Inclusive Dentistry is What Sets Utica Dental Apart

Apr 1, 2019 | Dental

Have you ever had an “ah ha” moment?

During a meeting at the office, we collectively had one.

We were discussing what sets us apart from other dental offices.

All-inclusive dentistry

As things began to fly out of my team member’s mouths, like being voted “The Best of the Best” 8 years in a row, the fact that we offer nitrous and make people who are nervous comfortable with valium, or we do Velscope oral cancer screenings, Dr. Hinkle said “that is all included, it isn’t extra!”

“Ah ha!”

How many of us like to go on all-inclusive vacations?

I know I do.  I don’t have to worry about the food or activities that are available, and I know that they are all included in the price I have already paid.

There is no upcharge for a large soda or a second helping of tacos.  I don’t have to pay extra to snorkel or play beach volleyball.  Knowing that everything is covered just makes it more relaxing.

So, why not have that same thought process in the dental office?

Well, we do!

We want your visit to be easy, comfortable, and relaxing.  We offer coffee and water, as well as SlimFast if you are coming in on your lunch break. We have massage chairs and Nitrous (laughing gas) to help calm you down if you are nervous.

We provide dental care that identifies potential problems with needed x-rays and oral cancer screening.

And yes, it is all included!

Beware of hidden costs!

Some offices might draw you in with lower prices, but they don’t offer quality dentistry with those prices.

If you want nitrous, or an oral cancer screening that could cost you up to an extra $50 out-of-pocket for each of these services. You want a porcelain crown, not an all-metal crown? That will cost an extra $1000.

As I tell my patients, your mouth is the first entry point into your body. It is from your mouth you feed yourself, hydrate yourself, and express yourself.

Don’t you deserve dental care that makes sure you have the best oral care available?  Of course, you do!

At Utica Dental our Tulsa patients enjoy all the “extras” without the extra cost.