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Apr 28, 2016 | Dental

As humans, one of the first things we notice about a person is their smile. In fact, your smile greatly influences whether or not someone finds you attractive or even likable! To make your first impressions wow and last for a long time, Dr. Mike Hinkle of Tulsa offers Premiere Invisalign services to straighten your teeth – without metal braces! Read on to learn what Premiere Invisalign Services in Tulsa is and how you can get Invisalign the right way.

Straightening, aligning, or closing gaps in your smile may sound like a walk in the park until you think about those conspicuous metal braces that some choose to wear for 2 years! 2 years or more!

There is good news: a Premiere Invisalign provider in Tulsa like Dr. Hinkle may be able to help straighten your smile almost invisibly in a fraction of the time.

Patty wondered how to get Invisalign as an adult, and look at the amazing results!

America’s Preferred, Invisible Teeth-Straightening Solution

Invisalign is the most modern and most discreet method of straightening your smile without having a mouth full of metal. It works using a series of transparent plastic trays custom-fabricated to gradually shift your teeth into their desired position.

Similar to wearing contact lens, you can take the trays off to eat, to pose for a photo, or for a hot date – just make sure you are using it for the prescribed time.
You can eat, floss, brush, and talk just as you would normally, and most people can’t even notice you’re wearing an appliance over your teeth!



Invisalign InfographicDownload our FREE Invisalign Infographic where you will learn:

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• Who may qualify for Invisalign



As long-standing dentists in Tulsa, we have seen kinds of smiles. If you have an uneven smile, you might be all too familiar to the struggle with self-esteem and confidence associated to your smile. But, does it have to be that way? Must we determine our value as men and women based on our smile alone? Not at all. That’s why Dr. Hinkle and our entire staff have undergone extensive Invisalign training to accentuate the best parts of your unique personality. Your smile sets you apart and represents you – for good or for bad – so, we are the experts who set the scales straight regarding your smile and what it reflects about you. Why? Because we believe that you are worth the investment in a smile you love.

What are you waiting for!?

Find out how you can get Invisalign! Download your free eBook to make an educated decision that will improve the shape of your smile and life!

If after considering your eBook and the things you would like to see improved in your smile, schedule an appointment with your Premiere Invisalign Provider in Tulsa, Dr. Mike Hinkle to work out a plan that works for your lifestyle.

Not convinced yet?
Keep an eye out for our jaw-dropping Invisalign Smile Gallery where you can see different ages, circumstances, and dreams materialized with Invisalign treatments at Utica Dental in Tulsa. You can also view our current Invisalign service page outlining our advanced expertise and results here.


Happy grinning!
Dr. Hinkle and the Utica Dental team in Tulsa

Over to you, what would you like changed in your smile, and are you thinking about how to get Invisalign at the hands of an EXPERT?