Dr. Hinkle: 6th Year in a Row Voted Best Dentist in Oklahoma!

Jul 22, 2016 | Office News

2016 marks the year of the 2016 Olympics in Brazil and Dr. Mike Hinkle’s 6th year in a row being awarded among the Best of the Best Dentists of Oklahoma!

Just as you don’t win at the Olympics accident, you sure as daylight don’t win an award for being the best dentist in Oklahoma 6 years in a row by accident. That’s just impressive.

What does it take to become the dentist all of Oklahoma prefers 6 years straight? And who are the ones saying that Dr. Mike Hinkle is the best dentist of the entire Oklahoma state? Get the answers below.


What it takes to be the best dentist in Oklahoma 6 years in a row


When was the last time you won something 6 times in a row?

We aren’t talking about the 6-foot-tall fluffy bear at the fair to impress your date; we are talking about performing complex medical procedures to give people back their self-worth and their ability to enjoy the simple things in life, like a great joke or a darn good steak.

To even be voted among the Best of the Best Dentists in Oklahoma Magazine requires some special effort; to be awarded Best of the Best 6 years in a row among the Bison state’s top dentists is a whole different ball game.

So, what exactly has made Dr. Hinkle the best dentist in Oklahoma for 6 consecutive years?

We get letters and phone calls all the time thanking Dr. Mike for helping them:

  • feel safe and comfortable during treatment, despite an initial fear of the dentist
  • reignite their confidence and sexual attraction in their marriage
  • open new doors and climb the ladder of personal success in a competitive world.


If you don’t know Dr. Hinkle yet, you can visit his bio page where he explains how this +30 year-long path of transforming smiles started the moment he performed dentistry on himself to get a perfect pearly-white grin.



The best dentist in 2016, thanks to your vote in Oklahoma Magazine


Dr. Hinkle's award for winning best of the best dentist in Oklahoma Magazine 6 years in a row

Every year since 2011, the prestigious Oklahoma Magazine and its avid readers have bestowed the award of “The Best of the Best” dentist in Oklahoma upon Dr. Hinkle.


Quick Stats about the Oklahoma Magazine:

  • Monthly readership of more than 117,000
  • Distributed in over 600 locations in Oklahoma
  • Touches on every aspect of life possibly imagined
  • Reaches every corner, household, and business in the far-reaching Bison state.


Different from other dental awards Dr. Hinkle has won, the Oklahoma Magazine determines its winners for the annual issue of “The Best of the Best” based on real votes from people like you and I living throughout the Oklahoma state.

Moms, Dads, busy professionals, teachers, doctors, executives, and artists all cast their vote earlier this year to determine who they swear by as being “the Best of the Best” dentist in all of Oklahoma.

Getting to the Olympics takes a lot of dedication and support, and having been chosen by the Oklahoma residents as the best dentist in the entire state is all thanks to your incredible support.


Thank you.


On behalf of Dr. Hinkle and the entire Utica Dental team, we want to thank the diligent team of the Oklahoma Magazine. We also thank you, our dear patients. Year after year, you grace us with the privilege and honor of skillfully protecting your best smile. It is our honor to protect and maintain your biggest investment—your self-image.

Personal reviews of Dr. Hinkle also give others searching online for a dentist in Oklahoma the opportunity you had of improving your lifestyle and self-esteem with a healthy, attractive smile.


You can help others shape their smile and life too by

leaving us a quick review on Google+.



The best smiles in Oklahoma with Invisalign


To complement your vote in Oklahoma Magazine, we must have proof to validate being the best dentist in Oklahoma.

And proof you shall see.

A real case study of a woman who straghtened her teeth with Invisalign by Dr. Mike Hinkle the best dentist in Oklahoma

At Utica Dental, we use cost-friendly and personalized treatments like Invisalign to help adults and teens get straight smiles without braces so they can enjoy life to the fullest with a confident smile.

Patients from all over Oklahoma drive for hours to come see the man who has received the world-class 1st place award of “Invisalign Case of the Year” and who’s work with patients smiles have been featured in the Top 100 Invisalign Cases of the dental industry.

Currently, Dr. Mike Hinkle sits among the top 5% of Invisalign Premier Providers in the United States of America.

His additional personalized cosmetic treatments have helped patients of all circumstances feel better in their own skin and transform their lives and smiles for the better.

Our patients and friends know this to be true. Heck, it looks like all of Oklahoma knows this to be true.


6th year in a row being the best dentist in Oklahoma and counting…


We do not know who will win at the 2016 Olympics in Brazil. What we do know is that we will continue to work hard for you every day. Dr. Hinkle and the team of smile experts at Utica Dental promise to continue learning, evolving, and smiling as we daily earn your vote as “The Best of the Best” dentists in Oklahoma.



Did you vote for Dr. Mike Hinkle as Best of the Best in Oklahoma Magazine? Let us know in the comments and we’ll get in touch with you to give a special thank you!