Dr. Hinkle Gives Back for Couple’s Missionary Work Abroad

Mar 25, 2014 | Office News

Hundreds of new-born babies are dumped in the trash, discarded in ditches, and stuffed in plastics bags throughout Cape Town, South Africa. In 2010, there were over 500 children abandoned in the Western Cape of South Africa, according to the Department of Social Services.


Danielle and Nick Thomson


Tulsa native Danielle Thomson and Nick Thomson heard about the issues of this impoverished community and joined All Nations Missions Community, a non-profit organization creating multiple ministries throughout Cape Town to help those in need.

Nick Thomson joined Soteria, helping men overcome their violent and abusive behaviors. Danielle Thomson joined Baby Safe, a volunteer-based organization preventing baby dumping, supporting pregnant women in crisis, and overseeing a network of baby safes—drop boxes where women can safely and anonymously abandon their babies.

Meet Danielle and Nick:



During Danielle Thomson’s time with Baby Safe, she saw more than 600 women and put up many children for adoptions and foster care to find permanent homes.


Tulsa dentist Dr. Hinkle is proud to help people who make sacrifices to help others.

“I have always had a heart for broken women and children,” Danielle Thomson said. “When I heard about the issue of baby dumping, I knew it was to the women and children of Africa that I wanted to invest my time and service.”


Dr. Hinkle heard about Danielle’s and Nick’s selfless work, and wanted to help them out by giving them free dentistry.

Listen to Danielle’s and Nick’s story of how they met Dr. Hinkle:



“Danielle’s and Nick’s work are a true blessing. Hopefully, we helped them in some small way for them to continue their work without any distractions.” –  Dr. Mike Hinkle, Tulsa dentist

Thank you Danielle and Nick for your selfless acts and your dedication to make the world a better place.