Let Lumineers Liven Your Smile

Aug 30, 2013 | Dental

We are excited to write about an incredible product we use at Utica Dental that not many people may know about but should!

The product? Lumineers, a special kind of veneers that are truly revolutionizing cosmetic dentistry.

What sets them apart from other veneers? Just about everything.

First of all, Lumineers are extremely thin – much thinner than traditional veneers. They are digitally designed to be to be about as thin as a contact lens, which helps them easily slip over your teeth for a more natural look and feel.

There are other benefits to the thinness of Lumineers as well. Because traditional veneers are thicker, more removal of your teeth (an irreversible process) is usually necessary to apply them. This can often require shots and anesthesia to help prevent any pain involved.

However, that is not the case with Lumineers! They are specifically designed with your comfort in mind, typically not requiring any numbing shots to apply them. They are quick and easy to apply.

Finally, Lumineers are custom-made just for you. We find a shade that perfectly matches the rest of your teeth so that you can have a sparkling smile. And the absolute best part? It only takes about two visits to complete the whole process.

You can rest assured that whether you choose Lumineers or another form of cosmetic dentistry, we will always make you as comfortable as possible and give you the dentistry you deserve.

“I always look forward to coming to Utica dental. It is a wonderful place to go, with caring staff and exceptional service. Dr. Hinkle is an amazing dentist and has helped me learn to smile without being so conscious of my teeth.” – Jinan E.

As you can see, our patients believe Dr. Mike Hinkle offers the finest Tulsa cosmetic dentistry and care. For more info on Lumineers, visit their website or give us a call to schedule your consultation appointment today.