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Mar 20, 2016 | Dental, News

Oh, joys of joys when we realize our life’s purpose of giving. The divine saying is “there is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.” See how Dr. Mike Hinkle helped Becky from Tulsa to overcome her dental fears.

Dr. Hinkle is an all-inclusive dental virtuoso. When it comes to life-changing cosmetic solutions, and general dental restorations to enable people to live, laugh, and eat worry-free, he is the best dentist in Tulsa. But, we’ve never been fans of people tooting their own horns, so we will let Becky do the talking:

Overcome your dental fears like Becky, our patient from Tulsa

How I overcame my dental fears:

I had a horrible tooth problem that was infected down to the bone and was hurting, bad. My fault because I had put it off getting to the dentist office. Dr. Hinkles’s receptionist who was very kind got me right in at 9:00 that morning. Dr. said the tooth had to be extracted and I saw he was right by looking on the X-ray on his monitor. After getting the “happy” gas [Nitrous Oxide we provide for nervous patients, completely safe and wears off almost instantly] for a few minutes and plenty of numbing medication in my gums, he and his assistant who was very kind also pulled my tooth out! Today is the next day, and I’m feeling good, maybe not terribly energetic, but no pain. I did take pain medication before going to bed and one in the night, and my gums feel fine this morning. Before I close, Dr. Hinkle is a dedicated Christian man, a very happy, compassionate man, who lives his religion. I’m sure he prays for his patients every day; although, I have never asked him specifically. All in all, the procedure yesterday was VERY pleasant and actually fun, would you believe. 

  • Becky

We would like to take the next few lines to thank YOU, Becky. We absolutely loved working with you and working for you. It was our utmost pleasure to see you in early because we empathize with the pain you were going through. It was a delight to work with you in reaching a reasonable and affordable solution that you could see on a monitor and in an X-ray. Dr. Hinkle and our entire staff do our best to live up to the values we hold so very dear and high because that is the course of true, everlasting happiness.


Do you battle with dental fears or obstacles? Communicate your concerns and we’ll help you overcome them gently and effectively. 


Dr. Mike Hinkle and his team of dental virtuosos in Tulsa.