Top 3 Fun Activities For Kids – Tips from Your Dentist In Tulsa

Mar 15, 2016 | Lifestyle, Office News

After 30+ years practicing as a dentist in Tulsa, Dr. Mike Hinkle has a pretty large scope of family friendly activities that help parents train their children to become responsible adults. It’s important to get them away from electronic devices and involve them in social activities that will teach them how to be good spouses, entrepreneurs, and parents. Read on for our top 3 recommended activities for kids in Tulsa!

3 Favorite family-friendly activities courtesy of your dentist in Tulsa.

The children and parents who frequent our dental office love Dr. Hinkle for his upbeat personality and great sense of humor! We compiled some of his usual “reward” recommendations for parents after their kids complete a successful treatment. We hope our reader parents will use these as opportunities to reward good dental habits and inculcate health-awareness in their little ones!



Community Page icons-07Tulsa Zoo

Hakuna Matata! Your kids will love visiting the 1500 animals at this 85-acre zoo that is the
“most instagrammed zoo in the state”. Yearly trips to the zoo place kids in a setting where they want to unplug from the electronic devices and reconnect with nature and their family.




Community Page icons-08Tulsa Roughnecks

The “World’s Game” was brought to Tulsa in 1978 and we’ve been big fans of our local soccer team ever since. Children of all ages can often be seen with their parents rooting for their team, “Go, Roughnecks!” Moments like these may inspire your kids to become part of something bigger – like their own school’s sports team or at home.




Community Page icons-09Grand Lake

Some of the parents we know like to take a holiday or weekday spend with their children fishing or boating at Grand Lake. This is an enormous 46,500-acre lake that is ranked among the top bass fishing lakes in the United States and great for all water sports. Fishing will teach your child the value of patience, hard-work, and moments of quiet.




More than dentists in Tulsa, we are parents and spouses ourselves. We know how challenging childrearing is becoming and we are SO PROUD to see parents taking sure steps to teach their children good life-long habits. We have so many more fun activities in Tulsa on our website under >About Us > Our Community.

Now over to you: what is your kid’s favorite outdoors activity? How have you seen this benefit him/her?

You are doing a great job, parents. We’re here to help!

Dr. Mike Hinkle, your compassionate dentist in Tulsa.