Invisalign Case: Meet Sumi

May 20, 2014 | Dental

“I just want to share my pictures to everybody!”

This is what our wonderful patient, Sumi, said after she underwent Invisalign at our Tulsa practice.

For most of her life, Sumi was self-conscious with her smile and she knew it was a time for a change. She didn’t want metal braces and consulted us at Utica Dental to undergo Invisalign.

“After three months I really started seeing result,” Sumi said.

During her treatment, she would use her phone to document the progress of her Invisalign treatment. She was so happy how Invisalign changed her smile that she couldn’t stop showing her friends.

“I am so happy about the results … it was well worth the money!” – Sumi.

We truly cared about Sumi’s happiness, which is why we shared her enthusiasm when she finally saw the final results!

“They [Utica Dental] have great customer service! I’ve never seen anything like it…they made me like I was family.” – Sumi

We are so thrilled for Sumi and her decision to choose us for Invisalign Tulsa. Once again, we are so thankful for your kind words about us and will do what it takes to provide you excellent customer service.