House Renovations In Tulsa by UTICA Cottages

Mar 18, 2016 | Office News

Your dentist in Tulsa, Dr. Mike Hinkle is a man of many passions. He is an expert at restoring smiles to unmatched beauty and surprisingly so, a natural at home renovations! Read on to find out about his new home renovations endeavor in Tulsa, UTICA Cottages.

At this point, you might have gotten to know your dentists through cosmetic treatments or regular checkups. But, did you know that Dr. Hinkle’s first love wasn’t wasn’t dentistry at all? Actually, architecture was his first love. Starting in the 3rd grade when his parents built a new home in the 38th and Memorial-Mingo area, young Mike Hinkle inspected every house being built for several years until he started drawing and designing his own house plans.

Home renovations in Tulsa by UTICA Cottages


Some time later, when his parents built their next home, he tirelessly applied what he had learned to design every square inch of that home! The house was built in Harrison, Arkansas where it still stands today on top of a big beautiful hill. Mike’s drafting teacher recognized his gift and even had Mike design his home!

Upon completing the beautiful project, word spread of Mike’s talent and one of his cousins asked for his help to built another home in Mountain View, Arkansas. In total, 7 homes still proudly stand in Arkansas bearing the signature of Dr. Mike Hinkle.



After Mike and his wife Becky had married (40 graceful years ago), they started remodeling older homes and after many, countless remodels, they decided to start a new business of “flipping” older homes in the Utica area. Hence, their new venture renovating houses is called “UTICA Cottages”. Needless to say, they are having the time of their lives “reimagining” how these older homes will be restored to new glory!






Dr. Hinkle’s new hobby started with one house he helped his son purchase as an investment to fix up and sell. His restoration talents encompass beyond just more teeth; he loves restoring houses in Tulsa. Stay tuned for more houses and more smiles being restored in Tulsa from your dentist, Dr. Mike Hinkle.