New iTero Scanners to Benefit You

Sep 30, 2013 | Dental

Recently, Utica Dental made quite an investment for our practice. We’ve purchased not one, but two iTero scanners!

The Utica Dental team sure is happy about the new iTero scanners!


This is amazing news for our patients for a number of reasons! We’ll explain in a bit…


First, for those unfamiliar what iTero scanners are or how they work, check out this demo video:


As you can see, iTero scanners use advanced 3-D technology to map out your teeth and create a visualization Dr. Hinkle can analyze.

The benefits of this for both patients and Dr. Hinkle are impressive. An iTero scanner:

  • Prevents discomfort or gagging from impressions and re-impressions
  • Shortens seating appointments by 22% and virtually eliminates return appointments
  • Uses powder-free, clean scanning for maximum patient comfort
  • Provides real-time, high-impact visualizations to help educate patients

Another significant benefit it has is that it can ensure accuracy for the fit of your Invisalign aligners so we don’t have to re-fit them down the road, which saves you time (not to mention gas money too).

Plus, if you are wondering what your teeth will look like after Invisalign, we can show you! Yes it’s true, the iTero scanner lets us project how beautiful your teeth will look after Invisalign before you ever put on an aligner.

Essentially, iTero scanners are the latest and greatest dental technology that helps us give you the best possible dentistry.

The advanced technology we use at Utica Dental is just another reason why Dr. Hinkle is your number-one dentist in Tulsa. We want to provide you everything we can to make you comfortable and relaxed at your appointment.

For more information, contact us with any questions you have, or you can visit iTero’s website.